It takes a big heart to hold a small hand.

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.
(Ancient Proverb)

Unleashing your Excellence is our Goal.

Let's collaborate in your learning journey to make a difference in a child's life.

Just like you, we started our journey teaching in an early childhood program. Taking classes to become the best teacher we could be. Eventually achieving a M.Ed. degree and staying current as the early childhood profession emerged like a butterfly from it's cocoon.
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We wear many hats! We research, develop, design and provide accessible and relevant training for you in a self/paced virtual learning environment. Need a mentor or coach? We do that! Do you need a live class at your site? We do that too! [Washington & Oregon]
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Introducing our revolutionary video-lecture courses in early childhood education and leadership. Explore our engaging content that brings theory to practice. Explore interactive modules and gain valuable insights and practical techniques.
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Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your communty and world better than you found it.

Marian Wright Edelman. [Marian Wright Edelman (2013) "The Measure of our Success: A Letter to My Children and Yours", p.18, Beacon Press. Accessed 7.7.23]

Meet Our Founder and Trainer

45 plus years working with children and families. 20 years in Adult Education

Debbie Hasbrook M.Ed.

  • M.A.  Education “Integrative Learning” (ECE), B.A. Religion, Montessori Preschool Degree, Mentor/Coach, Adjunct Instructor, Elementary Substitute, Early Education Content Specialist, Master Trainer Oregon, Advanced Trainer Washington, Registered Trainer Texas, Oregon AEYC, South Sound Tapestry of Early Care, Washington State Trainer Approval Board, Child Care Aware, Online and general Instructional Design, Train the Trainer Content Specialist, Statewide In-service classes and Technical Assistance, Conference Presenter/Keynote, Family Home Provider, Teacher, Director, Author, Mind in the Making Train the Trainer,  CLASS, Pre K Quality Assurance Assessment and Evaluation, Training Development and Implementation, State wide in-service and technical assistance, Staff Supervision, Instructional Design: In person, Online, Virtual, Online Course and Learning Mangement Development, Website Development. Video Design and Production, Author.

You are Welcome Here

Mission Statement

Pillars of Excellence seeks to provide pillars of learning by guiding Professional Development. With the purpose being to assist educators in the attainment of knowledge and implementing effective practices.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We strive to create a space that nurtures culture and inclusiveness. This commitment to inclusion allows each person an opportunity to bring their true self to learning. This includes providing opportunity and access for all people across differences of race, age, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, migratory status, disability/abilities, political affiliation, veteran status, and socioeconomic background. We are committed to supporting a learning community that represents different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Valuing and respecting each individual for their unique characteristics, skills and experiences broadens our commitment to education for all ages.

Teaching Philosophy

We believe that learning should be designed with the student in mind, first. The goal is to create learning experiences that meet the student’s learning styles and interests. To bring to the table information, resources, and sensitivity that represents current practices and community needs. What is presented should be relevant, applicable, and doable in the student’s work the next day. Students bring their own experience, ideas, and training. This should be valued and allowed expression. We feel it is important that the learning process should be flexible and open to supporting student needs. To support students who require accommodation as much as possible for a successful learning experience and acquisition of knowledge.